Thank you for expressing interest in a custom video/picture set! I film custom requests daily, and my general turnaround time is 24 hours or less after payment is received. I cater to a wide variety of fetishes and am always looking to film new scripts.
-For solo custom requests with Rose, my standard rate is $50 per 5 minutes.
-For solo custom requests for BJx, his rate is $50 per 5 minutes.
-For boy/girl requests with BJx Black, our rate is $100 per 5 minutes for fetish requests and $150 per 5 minutes for hardcore requests.
-For girl/girl requests, my standard rate starts at $100 per 5 minutes, with that rate being split equally. Scripts requiring props (food, specific outfits, toys, shoes, etc) will be factored into the final cost of the custom. All orders come with a private download link through wetransfer directly to your email. Exclusive customs that will not be sold anywhere else will need to be negotiated privately. For information on who I'm filming with next, please look below to see who I am filming with and when! PLEASE EMAIL if you receive no response within 24 hours!


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Sammi Ross
07/07 - 07/09
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