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Kissing And Nipple BitingFeaturing: BJ Black, Rose BlackAdded 08/16/2019
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In between spanking scenes and filming custom videos, BJx and Rose, we have some free time to do as we please. We were going over our filming list, but it appears that all that's left is one spanking custom video, and then we are scheduled for my vagina therapy and date night. Of course, being a couple of sadists, the spanking video would otherwise be a normal evening for us.
I straddle his lap for comfortable sitting as we make out. Never particularly fond of kissing, he somehow manages to find a way to keep me interested, but also engaged and actively kissing back. I cradle his head while nibbling on his lips, and then using my nails to scratch his beard and hair. Sometimes this makes the action flip directions, and sometimes it turns into cuddly head and back massages, but today it has him in a biting mood. He nips my lips back, but doesn't stop there. I'm not wearing any panties under my skirt, nor a bra under my white tank top.
My pierced nipples are all but exposed, until he pulls my hair and bites my neck, pulling on my tits hard. Now he's in a rougher mood and feeling excited for the spankings. I'm going to be stuck laying across his lap while he has a power boner! My neck and nipples are already starting to bruise from where he tweaked and bit them until I squealed, but he would have been more aggressive had I screamed. By the time our filming is done, my lips are going to be bruised from his rough kisses and his fingerprints and lips will be marked on my neck, nipples, and tits. Now I'll have to talk him down from being too feisty before we can finish our custom spanking video!

8 minute(s), 9 second(s) of video

Barefoot MILF Gives Feet JOIFeaturing: Added 08/12/2019
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Barefoot, no panties, and totally comfortable in bed, I'm primed to make you blow it for my feet. My pedicure is a special color this week. My toes match my pussy! The shimmery pink is a dupe for my glistening, wet pussy.
I can tease you with my naked toes and pussy at the same time, but I'm not wearing any panties, so your stroking will have to be paced. Jerk it for my toes and feet, as I roll around in bed showing you all the ways my body could make you explode. Keep pumping it, because your stroking is going to keep you edging for my feet until I tell you to bust it.
Toes in your face as I lay back, feet in your face while I sit on you, or heels in your hands while I lay on my belly and flash my booty? You're going to pump it for my feet, but you'll be speeding up with each upskirt booty flash that reveals no panties and a sexy, pierced pussy. You're going to cum so fucking hard for my feet.

8 minute(s), 56 second(s) of video

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Domestic Discipline: OTK Bare Handed SpankingsFeaturing: BJ Black, Rose BlackAdded 08/08/2019
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Rose turned the air conditioning up a few degrees when she was cold coming out of the shower, but she left the house and forgot to turn the AC back down. BJx has been dealing with the uncomfortable heat and thought the unit was broken again, until he checked the thermostat. Rose came home, but still never checked to turn it back!
He watched to see if she would ever remember, but instead of working and turning the AC back on, Rose skipped work and went to watch tv instead! Rose is much smaller than her husband, and is no match when he comes to take the punishment out on her bottom. BJx teases her and lures her into the room with sweet nothings, whispered into her ear. Rose bends over his lap with grins and ease, until he swats her ass with a clean, straight on, bare handed smack that echoes. Rose screams! BJx laughs, but his fun has only just begun. He's got a color in mind for her booty, and intends for it to glow bright red before he's done.
Spanks are delivered randomly, some hard, some teasing, some out of nowhere! Rose squeals, cries, and whimpers. BJx keeps spanking her until he's had his fill, even slapping her ass so hard his hand stings and turns just as red. He doesn't let up until tears are streaming down Rose's face and her mascara begins to run. It doesn't look like she'll be touching the thermostat without asking anymore!

9 minute(s), 25 second(s) of video

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