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Taking Control Of Dance PracticeFeaturing: BJ Black, Rose BlackAdded 04/23/2018
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BJx is waiting for Rose's dance practice to end so they can go out, but things are running slow. He tries to busy himself with his phone but notices his new app has a funny effect on Rose. She's stopped her normal dancing and is standing perfectly still. He presses another button and she speeds up!
The new app was supposed to be a "universal remote" but it's controlling Rose! BJx can't believe his good luck. Rose is totally at his mercy, his perfect, sexy fuck doll. He spins her around the pole, using the remote to strip her and put her in different positions.
Rose follows every order as if it was her own thoughts controlling her. BJx uses the remote to make her masturbate in the splits, holding her legs stretched wide open so he can watch her every orgasm.

19 minute(s), 46 second(s) of video

Panty MasturbationFeaturing: Rose BlackAdded 04/18/2018
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A fan bought my panties, and I promised him something good. He paid a premium for his fetish and I'm going to deliver a massive surprise. This tight thong is going to be FILLED with cum.
My favorite 10 setting vibrating wand will easily give me multiple orgasms. There's no way one orgasm is going to be enough! I sample every position before finding myself having multiple orgasms in the splits.
I ride my vibrator until my toes go numb and my legs turn to putty. My panties are soaked! My pussy juices glisten on the gusset, leaving a big sticky spot. These panties are still going to be wet by the time the mail ships out.

22 minute(s), 38 second(s) of video

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Jerk Off With MeFeaturing: Rose BlackAdded 04/13/2018
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No words needed. Drop your pants and jerk off with me. Follow your thrusts along with mine, let me show you exactly how to jerk off.
No fuss, no stress, just pure masturbation. When you jerk off with me I'll show you how I masturbate best to give us both pleasure. As my thrusting speeds up, you'll pump faster too, timing your orgasm with mine.
Strictly visual, you'll need to stay totally focused on what I'm doing or you'll miss everything. Penis or vagina, this jerk off demonstration will work for you. There are no words spoken, only moans and heavy breathing, so that you stay completely focused on masturbating with me. My body language will give you everything you need to know as you speed or slow your fapping in time with mine. If you follow along every visual cue I give, your orgasm will peak just as I do.

7 minute(s), 22 second(s) of video

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