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MILF Needs Me TimeFeaturing: Rose BlackAdded 09/24/2018
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This isn't about romance, ecstasy, or self exploration. This is about raw need. This is exhaustion, and physical needs that can't be ignored any longer. My hair is messy, I'm not wearing makeup, it's been months since I last felt sexy, and it's obvious that life has been taking a toll on my sanity and health, but that's not what matters.
What matters is that I have mere minutes of quiet time, and I'm going to use every single millisecond. There isn't time for frivolous matters like frills or lingerie. I don't even have time to find a barrier for my vibrator, so I masturbate through my cameltoe bearing leggings to muffle the noise and stretch the quiet time as long as I can. The thin yoga pants transfer every tiny vibration,making it easy for me to melt away and utterly lose myself in orgasm.
I close my eyes and just shut everything out. No noises, not a single moan or this moment will be taken from me. I zone out on the chair and let the vibrator do all the work for my overtired body, waiting for the satisfying pleasure to come. My relief is immense as I sag into the chair and all of the tension visibly releases at once. My fatigue is briefly relieved as I feel the flood of deep need being quenched in orgasm. Too quickly it will be replaced by the demanding screams for dinner! But first I'll need to change yoga pants, haha.

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Masturbating In Silk ShortsFeaturing: Rose BlackAdded 09/21/2018
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I love the feel of a nice fabric on my body. There's nothing quite as erotic as my skin being aroused all over at the same time. As I get more turned on, my silk pajama set warms with my curves.
My camel toe moistens the gusset of my shorts. I masturbate through the silky fabric and let it swell my vulva. My pussy needs release through the sumptuous fabric that pulls tight when I raise my bare, jeweled feet to grind against my vibrator harder. My legs are spread, leaving plenty of room between my thick thighs to thrust against the pulsing wand.
I can enjoy my privacy and my body. This is all staged for me. Everything is just right for my pleasure to peak, my orgasms can crest and rise without inhibitions. I need to satisfy this urge and cum through my silk shorts. They're pulled so tight that my orgasms soak the delicious material, and I cum until my legs can't stop shaking. My toes curl and my soles wrinkle as I relish the last waves of my bliss

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Intoxicating PleasureFeaturing: Added 09/17/2018
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All you need to see is my face to know what's happening. It's such an addictive feeling, that satisfying orgasm you can give yourself reliably. I want you to watch my face intensely to see exactly when my orgasm happens. I'm not going to let you see anything else because I want you to hear every sigh, see every goosebump, and feeling the tingles in my expressions.
My orgasms are so powerful they leave me breathless. When I'm lost in the moment of the overwhelming pleasure, I forget to breathe. I just have to feeling it fully in my body.
You can tell my legs are shaking. The only thing holding me up is this leather corset and the relentless pulse of my vibrating wand. You can't see me gushing into my panties, but I wring out every last drop of sexual satisfaction from my pussy. When I peel off my cummy panties, there's a huge wet spot that shines in the light with little bubbles of pussy juice from the force of my orgasm.

9 minute(s), 43 second(s) of video

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