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Fan Controlled Nora FuckingFeaturing: Rose BlackAdded 06/26/2017
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My new Lovense Nora rabbit style vibrator is fun! But it has one extra special feature that makes it even more fun. It can be remotely controlled ANYWHERE. To demonstrate how my new sex toy works, I turn it on and then hold it up, hands clearly away from the buttons, as it starts to rotate, vibrate, and twirl. You can even seen the rotation direction change!
My favorite Spunk Lube is on hand, my number one fan has control of my Nora, and I'm ready to get fucked. All I have to do is lay back and enjoy it while my fan controls my toy. Legs spread, hands relaxed, I let go and fully enjoy all of the fun my fan gives as I let the Nora fuck me, all completely remote controlled. It feels like exploding bliss to let go and get fucked until I feel myself cumming. One hard orgasm and my fan shuts off the rotation, cranking up the vibration to bring me a second intense orgasm that leaves my legs shaking and pussy dripping all over my remote control Lovense toy.
Want to control my toy next? Check out Store.BlackxRose92.com and pick the "Nora Sex Toy" option and you'll get to "fuck me" next!"

6 minute(s), 43 second(s) of video

Ultimate Blowjob FantasyFeaturing: BJ Black, Rose BlackAdded 06/23/2017
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This was a custom video:
Custom video: "After buying 1, then 5 videos of you (and then 2 others at the Rose Blacks Fetish Store) I wanted to order a custom video for myself. I must confess that I really felt in love with the way you give blowjobs, it reminds me of my ex, but better... My fantasy is quite simple, yet it's pretty hard to find... I would love to see a classic blowjob (no lipstick, something like the "Ponytail Glasses Facial" video) but a dominant on, one hand always holding the penis and the foreskin back (to be honest I'm uncircumcised and I have a long prepuce, so if you are not "holding" the cock I feel like you're sucking the foreskin...) but no handjob ! You do all the job with your mouth... Start with little licking and kissing, making rounds around his glans with your tongue, then you because the suck the tip of his cock very gently. But after a few up and down, he realizes that he's not going to see the tip of his dick yet as you keep sucking him with more and more passion and a non-stop air suction getting tighter and tighter...
But here's the key : you don't go ultrafast, and no deepthroat. You just keep moving up and down not too slow, not too fast, just the right speed so you can watch him in the eyes getting crazy about what's happening as he's getting closer and closer to cum. When you feel he's about to cum, you might go a little faster but you keep sucking even if he start making sound until you have the very last drop of his sperm in you mouth (then you can slow down and stop). Before leaving, of course you open up your mouth and show the result of your labor before swallowing :) Well that's it, that's the king of blowjob that would make me go crazy..."

11 minute(s), 17 second(s) of video

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June 18, 2017 Cam ShowFeaturing: Rose BlackAdded 06/22/2017
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Cam show from June 18, 2017

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