10 Minute JOI Mesmerize With 10 Second Cum Countdown

Settle in and relax as you set the stage for this mesmerizing JOI game and cum countdown. With enchanting music and visuals to keep you edging, you’ll be eager to test your limits as you set this to repeat in blissful jerk off loop. Plug in your headphones, dim the lights, and sit back as you let yourself drift into a deeply satisfying oblivion.

Start stroking, but follow my instructions closely. You have 10 minutes to jerk off, and then just 10 seconds to cum, or you’ll have to start all over. You can feel the enchantment lulling you into a sense of contentment that is so enrapturing that you don’t want to ever lose this feeling, just keep pumping and pumping.

Feel the pleasure sinking you in. Let the warmth eases your senses into a state of mesmerized euphoria. You’re going to cum, but how many times will you find yourself longing to hit repeat again? Indulge and let yourself find the satisfaction that you need.

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