28 Strokes To Cum

It’s my special day and you’re going to celebrate with me, but you only get 28 strokes to do it. You’re going to jerk off and cum for me, but you only get one stroke more than last year, so pump it carefully.

Edge your masturbating with precision as you watch me tease you, encouraging you to push yourself even harder. Only 28 times to stroke your cock and make yourself throb before I count you down. Can you control your stamina, will your cock have you aching, or will you time it just right to the end?

My birthday lingerie is sexy and designed for easy fucking as I tease you with my body. There isn’t any room for error in this jerk off game to celebrate my birthday. You’ll be on the edge of your seat begging for me to unwrap all of myself as I leave you grasping for control and edging your cock right to the brink. Don’t cum too soon or my party will be over before it began, because I’m going to be teasing you the entire time to make sure you’re thinking about me long after those 28 strokes are done.

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January 6, 2020