A Little Scientific Embarrassment: Female Scientist Shrinks Out Of Her Clothes

Welcome to HGH Industries! The world’s foremost leader in breakthrough technologies that will change the future and the world as we know it. I’m very excited to be here today! We’re going to be testing my personal project, the shrinking ray, and I’m going to be the very first test subject!

Double check the safeties and settings, and then we’re ready to go! Does everything look fine, and have we passed all safety precautions? Did you remember to-ah! AH!!!! Oh I’m shrinking!

*On the first test, nothing happens, but Rose is caught suddenly off guard when the shrinking machine goes off unexpectedly on the wrong setting and begins shrinking rapidly, right out of her clothes! One moment she’s standing there surprised, and the next, just her shoes on the floors as her clothes drop right out of the air!*

Help! Help me, please! I’ve shrunk right out of my clothes, and now I’m completely naked. This is so embarrassing! Oh no, to make matters worse, the conference on the shrinking ray is in 10 minutes, and we’ve been filming the entire testing scenario for HR to review. Now I’m going to face total embarrassment in front of everyone, and my husband is on his way to pick me up from work for date night! OH NO! My clothes didn’t shrink, and now I’m tiny and naked on the security camera for HR! Now we’re never going to get this shrinking machine approved!

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