A Shrinking Birthday Surprise

Hey! In here! Open me up! I’m inside the birthday present! Well, if you won’t open me, then I’ll just open my own birthday present. Here I come! Weeeeeee!
Oops! I grew just a little too big, haha, but I can shrink again. One moment please! There, much better size now. What size do you like me best? Should I shrink or grow? I can be any size birthday surprise you want, big or small, short or tall. I can be so small that it takes my entire body to wrap around your cock, or I can be so tall that you can climb inside my pussy and fuck me with your entire body.
What kind of birthday celebration should we have, tiny so we can shrink, or big so we can grow tall, right through the roof? We can celebrate for as long as you like! When the fun is done and the celebration is over, I can shrink again right back into the bag! Just a little birthday surprise, shrinking and growing at will, this will be a fun, little birthday party for just the two of us!

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