A Sudden She-Dick Futa Transformation

This is it! The first official testing of our new sexual dysfunction cure! Science has allowed us to create this astounding laser ray that is sure to cure ALL sexual ailments once trials have completed. I’m to be the first official tester, you know, as a safety and human resources type of thing. Once we’re finished here, our sexuality laser ray will be named and sold for public use, and I get to be the first human, no! The first female, to officially test and certify our creation, this will be a monumental occasion!

Ok, all safety parameters have been checked and confirmed. Let’s do this! Three, two, one, hit it! Oh! OHHH! I can feel the overwhelming erotic transformation coursing through my body, the changing pulsating, radiating out through me. Everything feels different. My clothes feel tight, and my skin is prickling with an electric charge as I feel waves of change elongating my clitoris into a throbbing erection. Vision blurring, I pull off my glasses, dropping them and blinking as my hair shakes loose from its conservative bun, mumbling about unforeseen effects, erotic consequences of the ray.

My body aches for release, my clit-cock pushes against my panties, thrusting out. I moan and rub against it, feeling my giant testicles swell with massive amounts of futa sperm. The erotic futanari transformation is complete! I can’t hold back, as my orgasm crests I begin spraying huge ropes of milky shemen. My futa semen is interspersed with pussy juices as I spill myself over and over, but I’m not satisfied because I NEED to fuck right now. The outcome of this sci fi erotic transformation may be too volatile to continue!

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