A Sudden Sweater Expansion

What should I wear with this sweater and tights for our date tonight, a skirt or pants? I couldn’t decide what to wear while you were getting ready. Do you want me to dress…..sexier? Oh, I just don’t know if I could feel comfortable showing that much skin. Pants or skirt, or, uh-OH!

My breasts are rapidly inflating! Oh look how swollen they’ve grown! This sudden breast expansion has my turtleneck sweater stretched to the limits of its fabric, so tight that my tits are straining at the seams. I try to pull it down, but struggle to properly cover my erotic transformation as my boobs begin growing again.

How are you still wanting to go out? I can’t leave the house like this! My sweater and tights look so, so…uh…so slutty now. We have to stay home for date night! There’s no way I can leave the house looking like this, and not with my nipples and breasts feeling so sensitive. Could I borrow you shirt, if you really think we need to leave the house? Oh, I don’t think I can! I can’t go out feeling so, so turned on! My nipples are painfully erect through my sweater, and every little movement sends my boobs bouncing and my sweater rolling up, with little to cover my tits and showing off that I’m wearing nothing but my tights beneath. Fuck me instead, please! I cannot control this overwhelming bimbofication erotic transformation breast expansion!

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