Alien Girl, She’s Outta This World!

Custom video: “Your girlfriend has been working long hours on some weird research at work that she’s not allowed to talk to you about, but she’s finally got the night off for a date. You’re just about ready to go out, both of you tossing around ideas on what to do when she starts to feel funny and loses control of herself. One minute she’s her normal, albeit tired, self, and the next it’s like something alien has begun a change that consumes her, unleashing her carnal desires.
The transformations causes her to strip and slowly turn into a horny alien babe. She fights it at first until the feelings are all too much and her biological clock takes over, making her seduce you with the unbelievable extraterrestrial powers. The metamorphosis inside her has completely taken over. Her new purpose is to mesmerize the world into submitting to the new alien queen. She’s going to start with you, by impregnating you as you impregnate her to gestate a new alien-human super hybrid species.

Would love to see some play with curly hair and gradual makeup change and possible mesmerize play toward the end. Eventually turning into something completely alien, driven only by mating and impregnating.

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