Astronaut’s Accelerated Alien Impregnation

Where will this latest adventure through the multiverse find our female astronaut as she explores? Her wormhole portal opens and whisks her away, carrying her off to entirely unknown lands. Will this mission to further science prove too risky? It opens, and off she’s launched, flying past planets and worlds waiting to be mapped.

“Coms, come in? Are you reading me? This planet looks inhabitable! First impressions are promising and show signs of life. Is there oxygen in this atmosphere? Wait, what are those? Are those…No…..They look wet. Should I touch it it? The being is approaching me. What should I do? I-!!!!”

“Oh, agh, ugh!!! How did it? Am I? Oh! Oh no! I can feel it kicking! My belly is expanding suddenly in an accelerated alien pregnancy! Ohhhhh I’m expanding rapidly! Help! Oh I can’t deliver like this. This is no planet to labor on, oh nooooo! The contractions are hitting intensely, and I can feel my waters beginning to leak and break. Oh quick! Open a wormhole home! I need to deliver in the lab! FAST SEND ME HOME! Ohhhhhhhhhh it’s gonna come out of me! Portal now or it’s gonna rip right out of me!!!!!

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