Bimbo Science: The Erotic Experiments Of Female Training Bimbofication Mesmerize

“Are we ready? Double check to make sure all the cameras are rolling so we can record our tests. These experiments all need to be documented for accuracy and for record keeping. Be sure all the safeties are on. Have we missed any of the last minute checks?”

“Ok, well, I’m the head researcher on this latest erotic experiment. We’re here to test my research on the aphrodisiac ray to see what exactly it can do. We’ve done limited tests so far, and it seems, well, shocking to read the massive list of possible effects this can have. Hmm, I feel like it would be safer to do one last check on all of the safety protocol runs before we begin. Oh wait, you mean it’s time to get started now? Like right now? I wasn’t ready yet-OH!”

*Rose, the head female scientist on the aphrodisiac must run the human trials first on herself in order to get clearance for this new sexual frontier her technology promises to unlock. She wasn’t prepared for her lab assistant to turn the device on early, or without any of the safety features, giving them complete control of female training, bimbofication, mesmerize, and even some incredibly daring sci-fi effects that will leave Rose transformed into a new, erotic state of magic remote control. Rose is the first human test subject, and she has to test the aphrodisiac ray multiple times for effectiveness and durability, as well as safety. Her lab assistant blasts her multiple times without warning, just watching quietly as she is transformed from a shy, embarrassed scientist to a confused but extremely horny bimbo. With each test of the ray, she transforms further from an embarrassed naked scientist to a desperately horny fuck slut that begs to fuck. After her bimbofication mesmerize is complete, as she turns around to discuss the final test with you, forgetting to cover herself now that the experiment has left her mostly naked and very disheveled, and asks, “what type of tests are we running today? Maybe it was something about sex….I just can’t remember…..

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