Birthday Bound

Mmmph! Blrrrg! Blphmphhmph! Mmmm mhmmm mmmmmm!” Not that you can understand me with muffled, garbled gag talk, but I protest anyways! It’s my birthday and I should be unwrapping gifts, not all tied up! How am I to celebrate when I’m wrapped up in bows like a birthday present?

I struggle and pull against the rope bondage and handcuffs, kicking against the shackles around my ankles as I do. The bindings are tight, but I’m upset at being left here blindfolded and ballgagged, so I’m not going to stop struggling until I’ve escaped. It’s my birthday, and if you won’t untie me, then I’ll unwrap my own self! The blindfold falls to the side as spit drools out over my lap from the ballgag.

This escaping is really tricky, but with enough squirming and wiggling I manage to make the bows come lose just enough to find my freedom. I start yanking off the bows as I spit out the ballgag, proclaiming as I do about how I plan on celebrating my birthday once I get free, and how I think you should be spending my birthday and 10th year porniversary with me. I’m still working on escaping, but once I’m unwrapped I’m going to celebrate with or without you! I just have to finish undoing the knots on this rope bondage and then strip off my high heels and pantyhose.

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