Birthday JOI: 29 Strokes To Cum

Time is fleeting, and pleasure is momentarily precious. You have 29 strokes, so you’re going to use them to celebrate my birthday with one orgasm. Sit back as I count you down, and no extra stroking as you jerk off for my birthday with this special countdown.
29 pumps, up and down, some fast, some slow, with alternating grip and position. Follow my instructions as I strip and tease, encouraging you to jerk off, but not to cum before 29 strokes. Pulling off my sweater as I dirty talk, I encourage you to change the tightness of your grip to edge harder as you control your pumping. I turn around, booty in your face, as I roll down my pantyhose and give you masturbation encouragement.
Celebrate my 29th birthday with this timed JOI countdown game. Just as you’re about to cum,wait! There’s an extra 10 second timer, so you can celebrate my 10th year of porn anniversary. Your cum countdown for my porniversary makes you leak precum, as you edge so hard your cock throbs! Only 29 strokes, and now you’re about to explode, and I’m making you edge just a bit harder to build up every single drop of cum to drain out. 29 strokes to tease and edge, and then just 10 seconds to cum! Need more practice? Don’t miss 28 birthday strokes, 27 birthday JOI game, and the rest of my birthday JOI games!

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