Birthday Sex With Your Wife

It’s my birthday today, and it’s been such a bad year, that all I want to celebrate is to stay home and have sex with you. Fuck the plans, don’t make reservations, and there’s no way I’m going out. I’m not leaving the house tonight and you’re taking off your pants right now. Today is my day and I want birthday sex. No bows, no presents, no parties. I need you to fuck me.

I’m the only gift today. Ready to be unwrapped, I peel off each layer as I tell you how badly I need to get fucked. I strip completely bare to my birthday suit as I ride you to bliss. I’m in charge for the day, and we’re going to fuck until we’re too hungry to keep going. Then we’re going to order out and make a homemade birthday cake before we take our food and movies upstairs to resume fucking for the rest of the night.

There’s no way you’re getting out of this. Today is all about me. This is my day and we’re having sex my way. We’re about to spend all night in bed fucking, relaxing, and cumming to celebrate my birthday the only way I want to. You’re mine and so is today. Drop your pants, I’m ready to play.

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January 10, 2020