Bitch Steals Bimbofication Body Inflation Bubblegum

Thanks for the bubble gum, fat ass! What? Hell no I’m not sticking around for a date with you! Why would I ever date a loser like you, when I look so fucking hot? Hah! No, not happening. Thanks for the bubble gum, but you can leave my bedroom now.

What’s so funny? Why are you laughing at me? Ugh, whatever loser, go fuck yourself. I’ve got things to do and I-……um…..Uh….Umm…What was I saying again? Huh. That’s odd. *blows and pops a bubble* Hah, something feels weird. I feel, ah, umm, uh…..Oh! OH! OHHHHHH! What have you done to me?

As each bubble gum bubble inflates bigger and bigger, so do I! While I’ve been busy mindlessly blowing bubble gum bubbles, my body has been busy inflating itself! My head begins to feel as airless as the bubbles that pop all over my face and glasses. I can’t remember why I was humiliating you for being fat, but gosh, I’m so soft and fuckable now! I’m so horny! Please *blows and pops a bubble all over my glasses* will you fuck me? My breasts are so sensitive, and it feels like they’re still expanding, but my bloated belly is also growing too! Nipples erect, I can’t help but rub them as I blow bubble after bubble, slowly transforming into the fat nympho bimbo that you crave, instead of the bitchy boney MILF that won’t fuck and makes fun of you. Now, I’m soft, fully inflated all over, growing into an erotic body inflation bimbofication transformation that blows bubble gum bubbles, twirls my hair, and dirty talks about fucking you while stroking my heavily distended belly and swollen MILF tits.

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