Booty Babe’s Last Drain

Wakey, wakey, super “hero”! It’s time you faced your end like a real hero. All this back and forth, where I let you go, you get away, you think you win, and then we start over again has grown boring. It’s time I finished you off and started causing real chaos.

The only thing holding me back this whole time has been the how. So many different choices! Really, I don’t care about the little details, as long as it’s evil! I just want chaos. I’m just evil, and I enjoy your pathetic struggles. This time though, you won’t be getting away. This is your last!

I’m going to mesmerize you, mind fuck you, and make you jerk off until you’ve finished yourself off for me. All the while, I’m going to laugh. I might fuck you, ride you here and there as you go in and out, but mostly I’m going to laugh and plot my reign over the city once you’ve gone. There’s no way out! Super Hero to Super Zero, you’re finished! Go ahead, jerk off. Enjoy the mesmerized state of bliss as you sink deep and lose yourself to my powers. At least you’ll be going out with an orgasm, Super Loser!

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