Bound To Be Unwrapped: Untying Your Favorite Gift

All tied up and waiting, your favorite gift is wrapped in bows and jingle bells. She thought you were getting the cocoa and gifts, but you waited to see how long it would take for her to untie herself. With even the slightest of wiggles sending the bells to jingling, she begins to squirm and struggle against the rope bondage, barely managing to pull the blindfold, that was tied in a bow, down around her shoulders.

It was supposed to be a romantic “sexy” gift, to see her all tied up in rope bondage that she tied herself in with bows and ribbons and bells. It was sexy, but it was even more amusing to watch her struggling in it with her high heels in the swivel chair. The more she moves, the more the ringing of the bells tells how close she is to escaping her self bondage.

Your wife was trying to wrap a sex gift for you for the holidays, but you enjoyed watching her unwrap it even more. She eventually escapes, with much panting and frustration, but goes beyond just freeing herself from the ropes bound around her ankles, the handcuffs on her wrists, and the blindfold from her eyes. With exclamation, she performs a festive strip tease as she quickly removes her high heels and pantyhose with glee. Tossing her naughty Santa holiday lingerie and matching hat to the side with flourish, she runs off butt naked to eat dinner by the fireside while it’s still hot, leaving you with the discarded spit soaked ballgag and tangled ropes and ribbons in a giant heap with her lingerie and shoes, laughing as she goes, fully escaping the holiday self rope bondage scene.

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