Bound To Struggle

I’ve been tied up and left here to struggle. My hands are cuffed, my legs are tied, and I’ve got a large gag stuffed tight into my mouth. All I can do is lay here and squirm, struggling to get free, but stuck in this rope bondage binding my legs together. The more I wiggle, the harder the restraints dig into my skin.

At first my attempts at freedom just result in me being bound even tighter. I fight harder and kick my legs, accidentally rolling over and getting stuck on my stomach in the process. All my squirming causes the o ring gag in my mouth to drip drool as I twist and turn to get loose from the rope and cuffs. One really hard kick of my legs manages to flip me over, but as I swing my feet to get free, my handcuffs dig in even deeper into my wrists, smacking into and bouncing off of the bedframe, rattling my arms with the intensity of the bondage struggles.

The ropes around my legs start to come loose as I kick harder. I push and pull against the ropes, straining against the handcuffs restraining me to the bed. The ropes dig in deep and hard, but one strong kick drops the ropes around my ankles as I push harder and harder to gain my freedom. By the time I free myself, my breasts are falling out of my lingerie top, my corset is skewed, and my lace panties are hiked so high up that my booty cheeks are hanging out, fully visible. The struggle leaves me panting and laughing at your kinky sex games, and excited for even tighter bondage next time.

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