Extraterrestrial Arousal: Mesmerizing Desire for Impregnation and Orgasmic Intimacy

We shall breed. We shall mate, and impregnate each other all night long. I’ve been watching you, human. I’ve seen how your species glorifies sex and the unknown, always reaching for the stars and consuming as much knowledge as you can acquire while filling the earth with your offspring.

I’m here to create a new hybrid cross species of interstellar human spawn, capable of sharing and feeling unimaginable exaltation. You are my chosen vessel and sperm donor. My species propagates through mutual arousal and intense erotic powers. With my lust for learning about and experiencing new lifeforms and their mating rituals, I will guide you to extreme sensations of deeply satisfying pleasure that you could never experience with another mortal.

When our mutual orgasms crest, I will seduce and impregnate you. Once you have received my eggs for gestation, I will orgasm again and again and take in your sperm to foster my own superior, hybrid species. Our foreign attraction to each other will fuel our passionate impregnation, sending both of us into mesmerized states of mindless euphoria. Feel my senses and powers flow into your body as you watch the emotions play across my face and the climax of our union, uniting us without even a single physical touch. Let yourself be filled with the galaxy as your body transforms orgasmically into blinding hot stars, suitable for carrying my spawn and filling me with your sperm.

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