Fuck The Christmas Gifts

There are no boxes. No wrapping paper. No lights, no bells, no tinsel, or mistletoe. There is not even a single bow. Fuck the gifts this Christmas. The only thing I want is you. All I want for Christmas is to have sex with you.

Fuck the holidays and Christmas. Fuck going out and shopping. This year you and I are staying in, no pants allowed. We’re keeping things warm and toasty inside as we strip down together. I don’t want gifts under the tree. I just want you and me. We can shop any time, but the holidays only come once a year, so let’s spread our cheer by staying home alone fireside, cuddled under blankets as we explore each others bodies. The best way to celebrate is to consummate.

Fuck me. Fuck the gifts. Unwrap the bows tying my lingerie, and make love with me all night long. Give yourself the gift that keeps cumming as you savor the real meaning of the season in my arms. Fuck the Christmas gifts. This year we’re giving each other more orgasms than we can count and fucking until the new year.

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December 24, 2019