GF Challenges You To Cum Countdown JOI Game

Date night means we get to play my favorite sex games
while romancing and fucking each other. Tonight, I’ve got something
especially naughty and fun to test your stamina and kink. I’ve just
finished ordering delivery for dinner, and they’re about 7 minutes
away on the tracker, but if you can jerk off and cum before the
doorbell rings then I’ll let you do ANYTHING you want to me after

I’m not going to make this easy on you. Sure, I’m not wearing any
panties under this short miniskirt and fishnets, but I only flash you
a few times, hardly more than a handful of seconds. You’re going to
have to really fuck yourself for me, pump it hard, and listen
carefully for the countdown and a knock on the door.

Fail to cum in time and you’re going to have an awkward boner when you
answer the door, because I am not dressed for anyone to see me but
you. My bikini top with no bra and upskirt flashing miniskirt would
show far too much to the person delivering our food, because it would
be far too easy for you to fuck me in this in seconds. You’re going to
be jacking it until the last second, cumming only moments before the
doorbell rings, a hard fucking test of your control over your cock and
how badly you want to use me for your own fun later tonight. The ten
second cum countdown will end only mere seconds before you have to
pull your pants up and answer the door, can you control your cock in
time to win this JOI game and finish at the same time as your cum

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