Ghostly Ghoulfriend JOI

Can you see me? Am I actually here? It must be Halloween! I don’t have long, but on this one night every year, I can appear in some form for you. If you will give me your pleasure, I can become corporeal faster, and for longer, allowing us even more time to be together.

The harder and more you cum for me, the better our Halloweens can be when I come back just for you. Can your lust make me real? Will your sexuality give me something worth living for? Only you can make me whole again, and show me what it felt like to be human.

Time is fleeting, and Halloween will soon be over, leaving me fading again with the first rays of morning. I want to feel you, but there isn’t time. Bring me back next year, and give me life. Release my hellish bindings, and show me what it feels like to love again.

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