Hitachi Riding and Grinding

The Hitachi is one of my oldest, and favorite sex toys.
Having been gifted to me from by a fan in
2012, it has brought me many reliable orgasms. Unfortunately, my pussy
is to sensitive to ride on it directly anymore, so these days I find
myself grinding on it in new ways. Wearing a sexy bodystocking and
lingerie with high heels, I can ride the Hitachi in a cowgirl
position, or from behind,and it makes me cum even harder.

The barrier of my panties increases the deep rumbling massage of the
Hitachi, stimulating every part of my vulva. I can thrust into the
Hitachi without having to hold my pussy piercing to the side because
the panties keep me protected, and incredibly wet. The gusset of my
lingerie is drenched in pussy juice, making it easier to bounce my
booty a bit so I can really grind into it. My booty flexes the harder
I grind into it, until I can’t take it anymore and have to switch
positions for more.

I pull my high heels up,knees in the air, pussy fully spread as I push
the Hitachi head hard against my clitoris and labia, covering as much
of my vulva with those amazing vibrations as I can. It feels so damn
good,I can’t help but moan as my legs shake. I quickly have multiple
orgasms because of how strong the Hitachi is. I’m horny and it hits
those spots fast and hard, giving me exactly what I love.

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