I Choose You, Bootychu!

Rose Black, BlackxRose92

My booty is electric! It can really light up the whole room. This special costume was made with no pants, and easy access. It really lets my booty just hang out. A few snaps, and it can be rolled like a crop top to really show off my tiny waist and jiggling behind.

My thunder thighs make my ass clap when I bounce and pop my hips. My ass makes a steady clap, clap, clap like the rolling sound of thunder with lightning. This electrifying costume even has a tail that wags as my booty bounces!

The clapping of my ass is barely audible with the costume snapped into place, but when I roll it back up, the clapping of my full moon is thunderous. I even turn around so you can see my ears wiggle while listening to my echoing booty clapping. Just don’t forget to tug down the Catch ‘Em All ball so you can watch my natural MILF tits and pierced nipples bounce too! No bra, nor panties, this costume was made for ease of access and comfort, ideal for twerking up the perfect sexual storm all night long.

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