InvisiMILF Chapter 6: The Turning

Now you see me…..Now you don’t! Stripping off my shirt was unnecessary, but it was more fun for sure. Should I go visible again, or invisible? In just a snap, I can change. Fun! Don’t you think?

You’re going to jerk off for me, right here and right now. There’s no convenient way for you to say no, because I could just go invisible and follow you anywhere to make you cum wherever you happen to be. One minute, you see me, then the next, you can only feel me as I make you cum over and over and over. Stroke your cock and pump it, because if you don’t, I will. I’ll just walk up, pull your pants down, and fuck, suck, stroke, or play with it however I feel like. I can just ride it whenever I want, because you’ll never see me coming unless I want you to.

How can you stop what you can’t see? I’ve already drained most of the city, and spend most of my days just fucking around. You can’t tell me no, because you can’t stop what you can’t see. You really do like it when I drain you whenever and wherever I want, invisible or not. What? Why would I fight crime? Hah! No…. Just because I’m super, doesn’t mean I have to be nice. So what if I use them to fuck whomever I want! I only fuck those who beg for it and actually want it, besides, you’re going to cum for me as much as I tell you too, even when it’s too much and you struggle to pump out the next orgasm. Anywhere, anytime, I can go visible or invisible and just ride it, make you hard, or have you as I want. You know my invisible powers are so seductive and overwhelming, but you just never say no. Even when I make you weak with too much pleasure, you just take it and love being so fully seduced and used by InvisiMILF, the super villainess.

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