Lucky In Love

Honey! Darling! I’ve got you a present! I know this isn’t a holiday for gift swapping, but I thought it might be more romantic if I got you something. Besides, I felt really lucky when I saw this, and I couldn’t resist!

I know you love me, and this magic rings claims to make you lucky in love with your true love. I couldn’t think of anything luckier than spending the entire day being intimate with you. You don’t have to say anything, just try it on for a moment. See how it feels and then you can decide if you like it. If you decide you hate it, then you can spend the entire night fucking me instead.

Oh yes! It’s working! I sort of lied, but not really. This is a magic ring! It makes you fall in love with me forever, and makes us true love, soulmates! Now you’ll only ever get hard for me, only orgasm for me, and you’ll be in love with me forever! This ring will never come ofd your finger. You’ll love me and fuck me forever! I’m going to fuck you all night, and then we’ll be in love forever.

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