Lucky Stroke: Coin Toss JOI Game

I’ve got a normal quarter here. One side is heads, and the other is tails. This game is easy; all I do is flip the coin to decide how you get to cum. Will you get lucky and get to stroke it while I strip, or will you be teased and made to edge?

Each coin toss decides a new fate for your orgasm. One toss may have you stroking painfully slowly, teasing yourself with excruciating slowness. Even stopping at times! Some tosses will have you pumping it in a frenzy, jacking off with a vigorous fervor as I slowly pull the corners of my panties down before dropping them to the floor. Don’t get carried away, and keep your eye on this coin!

One wrong toss sends it flipping into the air and nearly lost! I giggle as I tease you with the possibility of no orgasm, or prolonging the waiting even further, but I quickly grab the coin from the floor before laughing and flipping it again. Only a few more choices left, and hardly any clothing. Will I get to remove my shirt? Will you get to cum to a 5 second or 10 second countdown? The coin will decide exactly how I tease you into edging for this JOI game until your cum countdown salvation brings you to orgasm

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