Mesmerizing Birthday JOI Worship

You’re going to spend all of today celebrating my birthday. It’s my day, and you’re going to spend it worshiping me. Orgasms and birthday sex, you’re going to lose all track of time as you cum over and over again and again for me. I have just enough birthday magic left over, so sit back and relax, get comfortable, so I can mesmerize you into an enticing birthday celebration.
Erotic magic that leaves you weak and makes you endlessly horny, your entire day is going to be devoted to dedicating all of your orgasms on January 11th to me. You’re going to celebrate 10 years of kinky and sexy fetish, femdom and fucking fun as you go on an intense jerk off bender that leaves you edging for hours. Sit back, relax, as I blow a kiss and send glittering erotic magic sparkling onto you.
As the shimmer surrounds you and leaves stars in your eyes, you can feel the mesmerizing magic take effect. You’re so horny, and all you can do is jerk off and cum, over and over for me. You need to celebrate. You want to celebrate. It’s my birthday and you need to cum for me. You need to go as deep as possible to explore the furthest reaches of the pleasure that can be experienced from birthday sex. Feel yourself get mesmerized into an erotic state of blissful pleasure that leaves you aching, edging, and begging for more and more orgasms

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