Nerdy GF Has Naughty Nipple Clamp Secret

Your nerdy gf has a kinky secret beneath her sweater crop
top. She never wears bras, but the thick ribbed knit sweater makes it
difficult to see exactly what she’s hiding. Her natural MILF tits are
topped with highly sensitive and responsive nipples that she loves to
play with.

Lifting her sweater slowly, she asks if you like kinky sex. Her perky
nipples begin to harden as she tugs on the chain connecting the nipple
clamps. She’s been wearing them under her sweater all this time and
the lack of freedom has her nipples painfully erect and
hypersensitive. They’re begging to be touched, tugged on, nipped, or
tweaked. She just wants you to touch them.

She plays with her heavy tits, aching with the clamps dangling on the
ends of her nipples, pulling them into acute tips of sexual pleasure.
She dirty talks shyly, encouraging you to jerk off as she teases her
aching nipples, removing and attaching the clamps to wear them beneath
her sweater. Her pierced nipples are throbbing with the clamps, but
she loves how they pulsate and beg for attention, desperate for any
little touch the longer she wears the hard nipple clamps.

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