Nerdy Housewife To Goth Babe Transformation

Custom video: “Rose Black is a nerd getting ready for a date when something strange comes over her, a transition with personality change, gradual makeup and possibly big hair. She has the sudden urge to turn goth that she cannot control. At first, she thinks she just wants to wear dark things and talks about what dress to change out of…but no…she needs more…. Something is compelling this transition. An erotic force outside of herself is causing Rose to transform in front of your eyes.

Slowly, she pulls down her hair, flipping it involuntarily between transformation fluctuations, and caresses her body as her personality changes from nerd to a dark sexbomb, with the physical changes leading the personality change. The erotic magic coursing through her body fuels her metamorphosis completely. She plays with her hair, eyes fluttering, and comes up with gothic makeup and ready to fuck her new date who has been watching the whole time. Her change is surprising and all encompassing, even her manicure and pedicure are now all black! She flips her hair, and even headbangs!

Rose isn’t just a quiet housewife anymore. Now she is ravenously horny, confidently sexy, and ready to fuck. In one sweeping change, Rose is no longer the passive, submissive woman she was before. Content with staying home for date night as she actively cancels your plans in favor of her own, Rose now insists on some deviously kinky and very naughty behavior that she insists you remove your pants immediately for. The once mild mannered nerd is now a take charge dominant that demands sex as she commands you to strip and prepare for a wild night of adulterous fucking. She’s hardly finished with the transformation when she brazenly displays her arousal and states her intentions of fucking you for the entire rest of the night. There’s no escape for you from your new, sexually charged wife. Housewife be gone, in her place is an insatiable goth babe!

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