Paranormal Predicament

Master! Thank you for calling me! I’m so happy to serve you every Halloween! What can I do for you this time? Snacks! Yes, of course I can get those! Would you like me to phase to get them?

Just watch! I’ve been practicing so much. I promise I won’t get stuck this time! Not like when I got stuck in the wall, or the floor. I can just phase down to the kitchen, get your snacks, and phase right back up with the food so we can eat and celebrate Halloween. There’s nothing to worry about!

Oh I got stuck! Halfway through, I got flipped around and stuck. Now I’m struggling with my head looking at the kitchen ceiling, and my rear through the floor! Would you just pull one of my legs, or my feet, to help me phase back through? I’m stuck and I can’t get out without help! I don’t want to spend Halloween struggling instead of celebrating. How will we eat candy together? OH I’m not so good at being a ghost! Please pull me out! Don’t just stand there staring at my booty jiggle!

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