Parenting and Sex Work

Parenting and sex work are topics in the adult industry that are not often talked about. However, many adult performers are also parents. Personally, if it weren’t for sex work, it wouldn’t have even been possible for me to become a mother. This is how I juggle it all. It is crazy, things get chaotic, it is definitely exhausting, and there is a way to juggle it all. No parent is perfect, but it is possible to be a sex worker and still be the best parent you can be. The most priceless part of sex work, for me, has been the flexibility to be there for my child at a moment’s notice.Not many other career paths are so stigmatized and also provide such a valuable tool in parenting. Being able to be a work from home mom has allowed me to achieve long term stability, an indescribable closeness with my family, and the ability to pursue good health and all of my dreams. Being a parent is hard no matter what, but being a sex worker can have some special situations to navigate. I approach all of it with honesty and education.

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October 10, 2019