Playing With Semen Spit

Cum bubbles! Oh no! As he points out that there’s cum in my hair, and we notice that it looks like cum earrings. I blow some bubbles in the semen with my spit as it drips all over me in the messy facial.

He laughs as I point out everywhere the jizz landed in the cumshot. I work up a really big spit wad, then blow a foamy bubble in the gooey facial covering me. My belly and chin are coated in a thick layer of ejaculate, as the massive load of nut drips steadily down my body.

I show off everywhere his cum landed on me as I blow bubbles and gargle with it, spitting another huge wad of it out to drip between my boobs. I laugh as I play with the cum, getting covered in the filthy sex mess as it begins to dry. All natural and ready for a shower, I let you watch as I tease and play in this real post sex candid behind the scenes of my daily housewife life.

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