Popping Smoke Bubbles

Mmmm, I could go for a relaxing smoke right now. By myself, just enjoying my own company, and I have my favorite bubble gum too. I wonder if the gum would outlast my smoking?

I test a few small bubbles, probing them with my tongue too early, and exploding them prematurely, sending smoke wafting in all directions. The next few are much bigger, and they pop with a strong, smoking jet-stream. Just as I’m getting the bubbles to the perfect size and consistency, I get too carried away!

With each bubble bursting into clouds, the bubble gum popping leaves the smoke exploding in streams around my face. It starts to get too hot, and the bubbles are getting too big at this point, so I strip off my sweater and continue on in just my bikini top. Just when I think my bubbles couldn’t get any bigger, one pops all over my face! A thick cloud is left around my face, and I laugh as I realize the gum and smoking finished at the same time!

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