Secretary Busts Out Of Sweater

Things at the office have been weird lately. My boss is acting so strange, and it’s really not like him at all. Making little suggestions here and there, and just being more affectionate in unexpected ways. Hmm, maybe I should wear my hair down more often….

How can I describe the changes at the office that I’ve noticed? First, he started bringing me water. Then, he bought me perfume and lipstick. That’s odd, suddenly my glasses don’t work like they should. I’ll just take them off for a bit…Maybe I do look better with my hair down. Well, my boss also brought me lunch too, today. This isn’t something he’s ever done before, but he also brought me coffee this morning, though I didn’t think anything of it at the time. Oh is it getting hot in here suddenly, and why is my shirt feeling so tight? I’ve been feeling unusual lately, ever since my boss started behaving peculiar, and now I’ve begun to notice that my uniform isn’t fitting the way it should. There’s no way I’ll be able to wear it as headquarters suggested, so I’ll just try my best to button my sweater around my increasingly expanding bust. It seems every morning, I grow another cup size at least!

Oh no! Today was supposed to be the meeting for my promotion! I just don’t know if I can go in like this. This is hardly appropriate, albeit so sexy, very provocative, but my breasts are so swollen and my nipples, so tender and sensitive. Well, I don’t know, maybe, I mean, it is possible that, well….what if I got an even bigger promotion for going in like this? Of course, the fact that my uniform doesn’t fit anymore could be a bit of a problem, but the breakfast delivery this morning from my boss indicates that it might not be at all. Hah! Oh my vest doesn’t fit, and I can’t even button my shirt! Oh I have so many plans for these big breasts, and I’m really hoping they help me fuck my boss. Maybe instead of a promotion, my big boobs will promote me to dating the boss. I should email him, no text him, before he picks me up for work. I wonder how he’d feel if I sexted him? I can’t go into work like this, because my clothes don’t fit, so I’m sure if I sent him a picture he would understand the situation. However, he’ll likely want to discuss this sudden expansion in person over dinner tonight. Then, maybe when we’re done, he’ll tit fuck me….

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