Secretary Strips Out Of Her Uniform

Oh work has been so stressful! I’m so overworked that I find myself day dreaming out loud while getting dressed. I can hardly wait to get home from work!

The first thing I do is take off my pants! I can’t wait to strip off my clothes. It feels so good to unwind and strip all of my uniform off. Not just my clothes, I need to take it all off. Completely off!

My extreme high heels take awhile to unlace and loosen, but it feels so good when I can finally flex my feet and pull them from my stiletto ballet heels. Flinging my button up shirt and vest to the side, I can’t wait to shimmy off my pantyhose for good. Finally free from uncomfortable clothes, I flex my feet and enjoy my toe freedom as I show off my legs and curves, dirty talking while totally naked.

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