Sexual Healing: The Cure For Depression

Good news, honey! You’re going to be so happy, dear, when you hear what I have to say about my doctor’s appointment today. All these unfortunate problems I’ve been having with my vagina and hormones, they can be solved for free, and really easily, but there might be a drawback in the form of seriously uncomfortable chaffing after awhile.

All I need to cure my depression and vagina problems is your semen! My doctor wasn’t very specific in the whys or the hows, but said “any way I could get it”. Inseminated vaginally is ideal, but sperm taken via any method is sufficient for my treatment to begin feeling better. I must admit though, but I am greatly concerned with keeping your cock soft and moisturized for my pussy if I’m going to be sucking and fucking it multiple times every single day.

I could lose count of the hours fucking you. Has it been days, weeks, months? How long have we been fucking? The feeling of you inside me is mesmerizing, and I can see even now, well before you’ve even begun to ooze precum, that this is definitely the cure for all the ails me. The moment you ejaculated inside of me, I could tell that I was feeling better already! Something about all that testosterone filled jizz, something about how the cum feels in a hot creampie dripping from me, it just makes the rush of hormones and happiness so much more intense! It’s not just an orgasm, but better health, and the cure for depression. This kind of sexual healing will make me happier and healthier, and just think about how great you’ll feel when you drain your balls inside of me and on me constantly! Sexual healing is the cure for all stress!

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