St Patrick’s Panty Giveaway

This is my second panty giveaway! Before I can ship these panties to their new owner, they just need one special thing so they’ll be perfect for shipping out. I’m going to masturbate until these panties are soaked in my pussy juices.

My pierced pussy grinds against the panties as I ride my vibrator. I crank the vibrating sex toy up, squeezing it between my soft thighs, as I thrust my vulva against it until my clitoris throbs and my panties start to soak up my fluids. Will one orgasm be enough to fully soak my panties and satisfy me?

Definitely not! One orgasm comes and goes, but I need more. I squeeze the vibrating wand tight, as I give myself the pleasure I crave. My pussy squeezes tight with need, as my orgasms flow directly into the gusset of these panties. These will definitely smell like me long after they’ve been mailed out! Will my panty fetish fan enjoy as many orgasms as I had in these cotton holiday panties? If I had counted my orgasms, maybe!

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