The Breast Christmas Ever: Housewife Bimbo Breast Expansion

What would I wish for Christmas? The one thing that would make this the best holiday ever, would be giant boobies. I can’t get implants though, and I really miss my engorged milk boobs. Having big milk tits was hot!

It would be the perfect Christmas miracle to wake up with super massive milk jugs. If there were any seasonal magic left, I would use it to wish on a Christmas star for sexy breasts. I want big, fuckable tits, but ..oh, OH, OH!!! My boobs! What’s happened?! I was…and and I was talking, and then I just looked down and…now my boobs! Oh my boobs are so BIG!

My sweater can barely contained this erotic expansion, and it’s made my nipples so sensitive that they’re hard and standing up so perky through my strained sweater. My breasts are practically spilling out, cleavage swollen with erotic magic in my burgeoning bosoms. I can’t resist fondling my oversized bimbo tits through my tight sweater as I get distracted on our holiday evening in and start dirty talking while playing with my tender nipples. My breasts are heaving with pleasure, and I just have to touch them because it’s making me so horny! This will be the breast Christmas ever. Merry cupsmas to me!

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