The Embarrassing Experiments

Hello and welcome to the science institute! Here we test everything! Oh yes, everything from growth and shrinking rays, invisibility, and super strength. You name it, we dabble and test it! I’m very excited to announce today’s experiment because I created it myself. What can’t it do?! It’s been designed to do just about anything you want it to do. Let’s see how it works!

I’m not sure what part of the machine to test first. How about, let’s take it slow and just test the controls. What about a snack? Oh! It put panties and an apple in my pocket. Hah! Let’s see if it can make me taller?….Huh weird, my shoes disappeared.

Alright, let’s try again. Run another test please! …..Oh my pants! Ah! The machine zapped my lab coat! Please stop laughing! Oh no, this is so embarrassing. Did you check to see if the safeties are on? We can’t sell this as it stands, this is so inappropriate! Are you sure we should keep going with the test proceedings? This could get really lewd, and so embarrassing. My shirt! Oh! It made my panties disappear! Ah! This is total embarrassment! Please give me your lab coat! I can’t stand here, embarrassed naked female, as my own machine backfires. It didn’t work growing or shrinking me, and instead it took remote control over my body as it stripped me down and posed me inappropriately so that I would be completely humiliated by the entire scientific community!

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