The First Female Futa Experiments

Something about this time of the month just feels off. At first I thought maybe it was my tights, but after adjusting the seam, I could still feel my clitoris throbbing incessantly. I could try to find some porn, and see if this feeling in my pussy goes away after masturbating.

Before I can even begin to touch myself, my clit suddenly transforms into a dick! I can feel it swelling in my black fleece tights, bulging out in a throbbing erection. Stroking my clit-dick makes my balls swell with a massive load of shemen, but my futa transformation demands satisfaction as I can’t help but explore my new body.

I gotta jack it! Oh fuck I need to cum! My futa cock pops out of my tights as I pump it hard and fast. I prop my tights covered feet up on the bed as I masturbate furiously, feeling the precum bubble up closer and closer to ejaculation. With a few hard thrusts, I start to cum, spraying thick ropes of creamy futa shemen out in a drenching load that soaks everything around me, but I don’t stop jerking my clit-dick until the last bits of cum explode out.

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