The Mask Transformation Sequel

Custom video: “Rose stirs awake, still dressed in her
work clothes from the night before. She stretches and yawns, rubbing a
hand on her face when her phone suddenly wakes her. “What the fuck,
did I not even change…” she pauses, eyes widening as she brings her
other hand to her face, grasping and pulling at her features before
leaping out of bed and dashing to the mirror to check her face. After
a tense scrutiny, she relaxes and lets go, letting out a sigh of
relief. She sees the mask lying face down in front of her and picks it
up to inspect, “It was just a dream”, she laughs to herself in relief.
Her phone beeps with a notification and she checks it out of
curiosity. What she sees makes her realize she may not have been
dreaming after all and brings a hand to her mouth in shock.

A few weeks later, Rose is pacing back and forth in pajamas. “ I just
don’t know, I could really use the money but..” She looks down at her
bare feet, thinking about all the extra funds she made last time.
“From what little I remember, becoming HER was not a pleasant
experience” she says nervously. Quick memories of her prior
transformation run through her mind as she continues to nervously pace
while eyeing a certain mask. “ FUCK IT!” she exclaims. She tentatively
reaches a hand towards it and picks it up. Holding it at arms’ length,
that mesmerizing green glow crosses the interior of the mask,
instantly erasing any doubt and uneasiness as she begins bringing it
towards her face. Once within a few inches, the mask twists to life in
her hands and lunges onto her face.

The mask once again sprouts rubbery wooden tentacles, making loud and
twisting rubber like noises as it swallows her. Groaning, she
frantically begins grabbing at her face and the back of her head as
the mask seals around her. Cut to a shot of her feet tensing and
standing tip toe, then hard cutting to Rose grasping her warping head,
She drops to her knees, shoving her fingers into the twisting eyeholes
and tries to rip the mask off from there, stretching the material a
few inches away from her face. “HEEELPPMEEEE!!” she begs before losing
her grip and having the mask slam back on for good, fusing on tightly.

Her body tenses oddly before throwing itself into a tornado, screams
jumping several octaves as it tears around the room. After a few more
seconds, the tornado screeches to a halt, unleashing The Mask once
again, dressed in a pantsuit with her breasts bulging out of her
blouse. “ I’m back babyyy!!” she exclaims, striking a pose. “This time
we will SERIOUSLY BE SSSSMOKIN FOOTBOYS!!!” she exclaims as she leaps
onto her bed with a bong in hand and feet crossed in front of the
camera. She proceeds to film herself smoking, making crazy exaggerated
faces while wiggling and spreading her toes and flexing her soles for
the camera.

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