The Mask Transformation

Custom video: “A meek, stressed out office worker enters
her home after a long day of work, a mysterious mask sitting on the
bed in front of her. She muses about how she came about such a steal
in her favorite antique shop before setting it down and unwinding from
the day. After sighing, she plops down on the bed and kicks off her
heels. She proceeds to massage her sore feet while lamenting about how
much extra money she could make selling feet pictures and videos if
she only had more self confidence. We cut to the mask lying on the bed
giving off a faint green glow.

She takes one more deep breath and then towards her attention to the
mask. She laughs to herself saying maybe she can do it while hiding
her face with that. She holds the mask up to see how it would fit.
Inspecting the mask, she wonders how one is supposed to hold this to
their face with no strap. She holds it at her chest and looks at her
reflection one last time, saying lets see how it looks. As she brings
the mask close, it suddenly tries to suck itself onto her face with a
loud suction sound, she panics and manages to rip the mask away with a
loud pop. Gasping and looking at the mask in shock, she tries to calm
down wondering if work has her more tired than usual. She turns from
the mask, holding it away from her. A green glow ripples across the
inside of the mask and she slowly starts to bring it up towards her.
As it gets within a few inches, the mask leaps out of her hands and
slams into her face, throwing her head back.

She starts groaning in pain as the mask begins squirming and
tightening on her face, making sickening rubbery squelching sounds.
Tentacles shoot out and start wrapping around her head. She throws her
hands up and grasps the back of her head screaming “no no no no no” as
the edges of the mask come together, sealing her in. She throws her
head up towards the camera, howling in horror and pain as the mask
continues to squirm and tighten on her face. Crying for help, she
desperately drags her nails down her face, leaving glowing nail marks
down the mask. She clasps the sides of her head, as if dealing with
the worst headache imaginable before she spins into a human sized
tornado. She tears around the room as her screams rise several
octaves, lightning flashes and illuminates her skeleton within the
tornado. After spinning a few more seconds, it suddenly screeches to a
halt revealing a green faced figure.

“SSSSSMOKIN!!” she exclaims as she flexes her toes and examines her
makeover. She touches and admires her new face, winking at her the
camera as she giddily fawns over her new look and how good she feels.
She looks down at her feet and decides now is as good a time as any to
start a foot page. She leaps onto her bed to shoot a POV foot JOI
giving dirty feet JOI.

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