The Mesmerizing Kiss Of Seduction

Custom video: “In this story you are a modern day witch/enchantress. You enchant men, put them under your spell, then drain them of their assets and their cum. You use their cum to fuel your erotic spells.
The male character is a witch hunter. He has a ring that if he holds it up to you and recites a specific chant it will neutralize your powers and revert you to a mere mortal woman. What he doesn’t realize is that the ring is only effective when you wear it.
You say you think it’s only proper to greet him with a hello kiss.

Then blow a kiss from your palm into the camera. I would love for this to have some type of special effect. In that shot I would like to be able to see your face and your palm with the special effect simulating the blown kiss. After that I would like all of the shots to be facial close ups similar to what you did in the previous clip please.

Your kisses are dazing him and taking away his strength and willpower. Please make some comments about how each kiss is making him weaker and weaker. During this point is where he tries to recite the chant in an attempt to neutralize you but he is unsuccessful. It would also be great if during this sequence you can run your fingers across your lips and then simulate running them across his lips to get even more of the spell coming from your lips into his system.
Then pull a locket that you can use to put him under your spell. Please mention how your kisses have left him so weak that he cannot resist your enchanting spell. Your spell is taking away all of his free will, draining him and making him love and cum only for you.

After you are done with the locket then mention that if a witch captures the cum of a witch hunter either through her hand or her pussy he will become her helpless eternal love slave. Then have him explode into your hand or your pussy. Also mention how the cum from a witch hunter will make your potions and spells much stronger than a normal man so you plan to enslave him and keep him in a constant state of lust and desire for you so you can milk him over and over until there’s nothing left of him. He’s going to spend the rest of his life cumming for you over and over, mesmerized and addicted to being in love with you..”

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