The Science Of Arousal Mesmerizing Sci Fi JOI

Welcome to our aphrodisiac testing facility. We’re here to do the final test to get public approvals for our device, so that we can give the world better orgasms and sexual satisfaction. Once this goes public, it will be revolutionary and improve sex for everyone everywhere! This is guaranteed to enhance sex lives, raise libido, make orgasms more powerful, and make genitals more sensitive and responsive to arousal and stimulation. The side effects? None that you don’t want! Of course it doesn’t hurt, and you won’t regret a second of it. Though, once you’re finished, you’ll be sad that you didn’t try our erotic enhancement method sooner. Are you ready to begin? Just sit here and we can begin as soon as you indicate readiness.

As you slip deeper and deeper into total sexual satisfaction, you’ll find yourself enjoying intense feelings of desire all over throughout the phases of testing. You’ll find yourself seeing and feeling things you didn’t expect before you’ve even finished the second phase of testing, and swimming in pure bliss before the third phase is completed. Will you find yourself permanently swayed by the visuals as time and pleasure blur into one mesmerizing swirl of sensations until everything becomes one erotic loop of orgasms and masturbation?

Pull on the headphones, and take the assigned testing seat as you prepare your body for rigorous sexual exploration. Keep yourself planted securely as you surrender to the auditory phase of testing, designed to keep you focused on the instructions and to enhance the mesmerizing aphrodisiacs. In the final phase of testing, your body will experience both visual and auditory stimulations to encourage intense aphrodisiac sensations and experiences long after testing has completed. Once you’ve submitted your body through our enhancement process, your sex life will never be the same.

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