The Super Villainess’s Mesmerizing Garden Of Seduction

Custom video: “In this story you have a garden where through the use of special ingredients you grow a unique flower. The pollen from this flower mesmerize, seduce, and enchant men and then fill them with desire and love for only you. You have picked out someone new to lure to your secluded hideaway with the intentions of capturing and enslaving for constant sexual draining.

The scene would open with you showing him the flower then slowly moving it back and forth in front of his face. Ideally this would be a close up of your face with the flower towards the bottom of the screen. It would be great if you could have some type of special effect representing the pollen from the flower flowing into his face.

Then you would make some comment about him looking woozy or something like that and perhaps he should lie down.
Then reveal to him that this was just a trap and the effects of the special pollen.
Next make a comment about how you will need to restrain him. Then use those handcuffs or something else that would serve the same purpose. Then make a mention of how he is now your’s.

Then inform him how he will be falling under your control. You will drain him of his free will, all of his assets, and even his identity. In time he will simply be your slave.
At some point I would love to see a scene where you simulate unbuttoning his shirt and blowing the pollen onto his now exposed chest, Then you slowly massage the pollen onto his chest so they further enter into his body stronger, affecting him deeper and harder.
Then carry on like that for as long as you like.

Towards the end explain to him that the main ingredient in your flowers is men’s cum. The more you drain from him the more potent the pollen from the flower will become and the weaker he will become as your control over him will grow. (Or something like that).
Then you start with a slow simulated hand job which he is trying to resist because he knows if he submits he will fall further under your control. He of course cannot resist and he explodes into your hand. Then with a wicked smile you tell him that you are going to mix his cum with your pussy juice and the special pollen. (You can quickly simulate doing that off screen).
“Now I am going to spell my name on your chest R-O-S-E. Well, now I’ve claimed you as my slave. Your freedom is gone. You belong to me, and only me” (Or something to that effect).”

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