The Woopsie Witch Gets A Handful Of Misspellings

Hmm, I wonder how my magic will work this Halloween. Sometimes things tend to go awry, or they don’t always work as I want them to. Well, let’s see what happens!

Just a flick of my wrist should do it, a twist of my little finger, and that’s all it takes. Oh! Well, that was unexpected. I can’t see to take these gloves off though. I should try again. Wow! Sharp claws covered in rhinestones and jewels? Sexy! Oh wait, no!

I can’t seem to control my hands! These gloves are caressing and fondling my body, and I can’t get them to stop! Oh, well, these are much better. Sexy black velvet gloves that match my hat? Oooh, oh wait, it’s changing again! Ah, what an unexpected Halloween transformation!

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