‘Twas The Vore Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house not anyone was stirring….Because they knew what happens when the Krampus cravings kick in. The slightest sound of movement alerts me to that which should be still.

Lurking in the kitchen and along the halls, silence was echoing for all, lest I come up from behind and swallow them whole. You forgot to tuck in, and you thought an extra date night alone on Christmas eve would be romantic. Too bad, I can’t control my voracious appetite, because you really should have waited until Christmas night.

Gobbled whole and digesting now, but it really gives me indigestion. These burps are giving me an awful case of krampus belly bloat. The gurgles are burping non-stop, and it’s making me yawn as I want to stretch out and finish vore digestion properly. My bloated belly won’t fully deflate from its expansion until this vore digestion is complete, but the constant belching and burping makes me think it’s going to happen before Santa’s even finished his rounds. Hmm, maybe I’ll have dinner and dessert, once the big red guy comes to deliver my gifts, I’ll swallow him up too when this vore belly shimmies down my chimney and into the *BUUUUURPS*

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