Unexpected Expansion Causes Bimbofication Breast Growth Spurt

My boobs have been feeling so weird this week. I thought it was just hormones, but there’s been no changes in my lifestyle to explain this sudden change. If there was anything I could do to make them grow though, I would absolutely do it.

One moment they were just tiny titties, and the next, they were just springing out of my chest! I have no clue how my breasts have grown so rapidly, but I’m not unhappy about it at all. Though, if I was able to, I would push my breast inflation to the max and grow giant, anime bimbo boobies! Would it be safe to let my boobs grow until they were nearly about to pop?

This sweater is straining around my breasts, and I’m certain that if they grew another inch then it would have cleavage when it wasn’t meant to. I’d go bigger if I could. How big is too big? Oh my boobs are growing again! How will I look with breast expansion to the extreme after I grow giant pornstar titties? All of these growth hormones are making my nipples sensitive and it’s really turning me on! They feel so engorged and swollen, like milk could start spraying out at any minute. Would you bend me over and fuck me so hard that my boobs bounce everywhere and all over the place? Oh please fuck my tits!

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