Velma’s Donut Dilemma

Jinkies! Where is the rest of the group? We were supposed to bring treats and meet here for the Halloween party, but nobody else is here yet. My tummy is growling, I’m hungry, and these donuts were hot an hour ago when I first arrived. It wouldn’t hurt to eat just one…..

Oh jinkies, I’m still waiting, but there’s not any donuts left now…. I ate them all! I even ate the sprinkles that fell in the box! Goodness, now my tummy is growling even louder. I’m starting to feel really bloated, and /i can’t hold back the burping from my donut binge. This Halloween treat overeating has given me a bloated belly tummy ache. Oh no! Jinkies, a fart slipped out!

Maybe I shouldn’t have eaten all of the donuts. I just couldn’t help myself! They were so yummy, but my tummy is really lactose intolerant. Wait, something feels worse than what usually happens when I eat vegetable oil or dairy products. My boobs and belly are inflating rapidly! Why am I growing like this? This is much worse than my normal bloating, but I can’t stop this expansion. Despite burping and farting, my breast expansion and belly inflation persist, leaving my heaving tits and distended belly swollen and ready to pop at any moment. Jinkies! I have to end this Halloween party early!

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